Johnnie Walker Green Label Tasting Notes and Mini-Review

Welcome to my tasting notes for the now discontinued and soon to be fairly rare Johnnie Walker Green Label.

Initial impression:

  • A fairly sweet whisky.
  • Slightly sherried (?)
  • Dried fruit.
  • Reminds me of the Royal Lochnagar 1996 Distillers Edition – i.e. delicate, sweet and fruity.

Nose Notes:

  • Sherry sweetness.
  • Caramalised apples.

Tasting Notes:

  • Honey.
  • Salty – perhaps from the Ila whiskies used.
  • Mild peat, very tame.
  • Mouth feel – slightly oily.
  • Spicy.


  • Decent length.
  • Malty.
  • Slightly oily.
  • Grassy.
  • Coriander maybe..

Would go nicely with a cigar!

F1 2012 PC Demo (mini) Review

The tricky third album for the F1 franchise from Codemasters?

Indeed it is, as unfortunately F1 2011 was met with mixed views and feedback from the community. Some was fairly justified and particularly input support and overall physical feel.

However this time round we have a Demo copy available to download from today (12th September 2012) so we can experience some of the game before it’s released.

I must congratulate Codemasters for this as it’s actually welcomed warmly as developers seem to lack the ability to make Demo games in these modern times (and it’s on three platforms!).

User Interface:

F1 2012 appears to have a new user interface which is much better than previous attempts as it has a flowing and easy to use feel to it as well as positive sounds to match.

F1 2012 PC Demo Game Mini Review

F1 2012 PC Demo Game Mini Review

I like the way it’s easy to use either on your fancy wheel or keyboard or “console” controller ;)

The main reason its easy to use and still lacking the preferred mouse input for PC gamers (debatable) is obviously because this designed for consoles ultimately and it clearly shows, again.

Another neat thing is the way it presents the sub-menus a bit like Windows 8 and the Metro interface.

Visual Quality

Actual gameplay graphics are fairly good however it feels like we’re missing “something” i.e. detail in textures etc which I would expect to see when its released. I also can not seem to get it to run in my monitors native resolution (1680 x 1050 – which would make a massive difference for me!).

F1 2012 PC Demo Game Mini Review

F1 2012 PC Demo Game Mini Review

I will hold out until the full game is released as in fairness it’s only a demo run of what it can do. I just hope support is better this time round.

Force feedback and Handling

Right, this for me is the critical bit.

I, like many others appreciate good quality graphics and audio as much as anyone however I can put that aside if the level of realism or depth of detail is poorly constructed or even lacking. However conversely if I experience the opposite I will violently throw-up a bit like in F1 2011 where actual driving physics didn’t really feel right at all – it was as if my wheel just wouldn’t work with the car (works fine in F1 2010) as it just feels like the steering rack is way too slow and this makes it impossible to correct slides when pushing the car to the limits.

But this time round much better!

Another thing worth noting is that there appears to be a weird kick every now and then from the wheel and I’m not really sure what is this yet (can’t seem to work out where it’s coming from) so I will see if it’s just me or a feature or a bug(?).

Initial Verdict:

Well yeah, much better than I expected. A few issues to work out so maybe its me being optimistic but we’ve got a good potential game coming on.

85% for me for this short review.

AMD Second Generation A-Series APU Enable Best-in-Class Performance

AMD has announced today that its second generation AMD APU’s offer the best-in-class PC Mobility, Entertainment and Gaming Experience in a single chip.

The 2nd generation AMD APU codename “Trinity” (yes like matrix?) is a grounds up start-a-fresh improved design when compared to previous generations offering double the performance per watt when compared to previous generation chips. The new APU features the AMD HD Media accelerator with a unique set of technologies designed to optimize video quality when available on premium internet services and obviously accelerate video file conversion too.

The APU also features an increased CPU performance of up to 29% by managing loads and offering higher processing speeds when in conjunction with the new AMD “Piledriver”(trollolol) CPU core with the 3rd generation AMD Turbo Core Technology where power is dynamically shifted between the CPU and GPU to offering performance when the user or application needs it.

Availability and Technical Information:

Available from today in mainstream and ultra-thin notebooks as well as embedded systems and solutions.

AMD A-Series Mainstream Notebook APUs
APU Model AMD Radeon™ Brand TDP CPU Cores CPU Clock (Max/Base) AMD Radeon™ Cores GPU Clock (Max/Base) L2 Cache Max DDR3
A10-4600M HD 7660G 35W 4 3.2GHz/2.3GHz 384 686MHz/497MHz 4MB DDR3-1600


A8-4500M HD 7640G 35W 4 2.8GHz/1.9GHz 256 655MHz/497MHz 4MB DDR3-1600


A6-4400M HD 7520G 35W 2 3.2GHz/2.7GHz 192 686MHz/497MHz 1MB DDR3-1600


AMD A-Series Ultrathin Notebook APUs 
APU Model  AMD Radeon™ Brand  TDP  CPU Cores  CPU Clock (Max/Base)  AMD Radeon™ Cores GPU Clock (Max/Base)  L2 Cache  Max DDR3 
A10-4655M  HD 7620G  25W  2.8GHz/2.0GHz  384  497MHz/360MHz  4MB  DDR3-1333



A6-4455M  HD 7500G  17W  2.6GHz/2.1GHz  256  424MHz/327MHz  2MB  DDR3-1333



Intel Strengthens Secuirty And Boosts Performance For Businesses

Intel has further improved and strengthened security for business users with their 3rd generation of the Intel Core vPro Platform.

Key innovations and highlights include embedded security features to help business protect themselves in four mains ways i.e. threat managements, indentity/access, data protection and monitoring with remediation.

Including this improves at the silicone level there is no impact to performance whilst maintaining high security standards and quickly implement compelling solutions.

vPro 3rd Generation also offers remote management and automation allowing business to save power, remotely manage issues to speed up problem solving and inventory control.